What is the new SILVERMENDATING membership?
What is used to be two separate memberships to the site, now they have been combined in 2 membership called Active or Gold membership.
What are the options to pay for memberships?
Credit Card : You will charged by CCBILL-You get instant access online using a state of the art secure online order form.
How do I cancel my membership?
Go to the CCBILL website at: http://www.ccbill.com and click on the membership cancellation icon. You will be asked some of the information you used to sign up to confirm your identity and your membership will be cancelled.
What are Tags?
Tags are single descriptive words that are then used by the system to find you. These words are turned into links so people can click them to find you. Example ( Male, Boy, Daddy, Oldermen, Top, Bottom, Oral, Couple, Frienship......)
How can I make a photo primary?
Go into "my profile" from top right link after you login, click on large picture to go to "My Photos" then click on a little picture at bottom and check make primary.
How do I upgrade a Gold membership or delete membership?
Log on the your membership account and click on the MyMembership icon and follow the prompts. You need to have a membership to modify or delete your ad.
What are the major changes as a result of the update?
Log on the your membership account and click on the (View Allowed Actions). If you upgrade a Gold membership click on Explanation for view the full allowed actions.
What can I expect from the Silvermendating membership?
The dating section is a service for Silvermendating members and their admirers. When you sign up as a member you can not only browse and respond to ads but also place/modify or delete ads. Ads are placed by members and generally are intended to be a medium where older men and their admirers find romance and friendship. Silvermendating members section has been a way from many members to find romance and permanent relationships. Use it responsibly. We constantly monitor the activity on the classifieds. You need to accept the rules and regulations pertaining to the membership before placing an ad or browsing the members.
How do I place my membership ad?
Click on Join for Free on top home page and fill the Join form.